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We like it loud! Like SPINAL TAP said: Jazz is a music based on fear. We are fearless! 4 guys, 4 nationalities, 1 groove! We intended the usual band bio here. When, where, why and all the great achievements bla bla bla.....The real story is probably as boring as most band bios. It is true we all studied jazz. we are well educated western/eastern middle class men. Poeple who listen to jazz say we are a rock band. People who listen to rock music think we play jazz. kind of a dilemma! To all the lost souls, losers, slackers. we aim for you!!!

Anyway some namedropping now: Christian Kuhn 'THE KUHN' founder, composer and inevitably the headless leader of this organization, very german though there is some spanish blood in him. tender age of 33, at times stressed but someone has to be. Ziv Taubenfeld, Israel. If Buddha would be reborn probably in the form of Ziv Taubenfeld. This man can't get angry. besides being buddha he plays the bass clarinet. very low, very high, very loud. he likes free jazz! Esat Ekincogliu from Istanbul. An old wise man trapped in the body of a fragile little turkish bassplayer. he plays the acoustic bass but turns the amp louder than any electric bassplayer. best of both worlds! Finally Lav Kovac, the intuitive Serbian. We don't know if rational thinking every occurred to him. It probably would disturb the constant flow of creating and hitting things. He is drummer.

CHECK US OUT LIVE IF YOU CAN! If not watch a video. If you do same instructions as for Rolling Stones LPs count. PLAY THEM LOUD! this is supposed to be Jazz for the hips not the brain.

Take Care and thanks for reading yours